A Year Of Being Intentional

2018 A year of being intentional. Now what do I mean by that? I have been at the mercy of outside forces for most of my life. I found myself reacting to what was happening all around me instead of actually creating exactly what I wanted. I had no idea there was any...

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London Adventure 2017

This trip to London was rather incredible. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had some things planned, but you know how it is when you plan something! Expect the unexpected! Good thing I had that attitude because many things changed at the last minute, and...

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Thanksgiving Steps

I have a very co dependent relationship with Thanksgiving. On the surface of it, what’s not to love about it? 4 days off? All the food you can eat all weekend? Shopping? Family & friends? Kicking off the holiday season with good cheer and a thankful attitude....

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How Do You Want To Feel?

It’s that time of year when we are inundated with the topic of setting goals, which means we have to remember the goals we set last year. I have a hard time remembering exactly what my goals were much less if I achieved them. I know that there are all kinds of systems...

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You might have guessed by now I am a huge LOTRs and The Hobbit nerd. Well, I’m just a big nerd in general! I arrived in Auckland yesterday, but our flight to Tauranga was fogged out so they eventually put us on a bus and drove us 3 hours to the hotel. I am...

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  *From Pleasure Thresholds- Patricia Tallman’s Babylon 5 Memoir, 2011   A word about conventions. The actors who are on the shows that get promoted at cons are a very lucky bunch. You could be on a hit series like ER , but those shows don’t have fans...

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Top 5 reasons you should do a Quest Retreat

Adventures for Nerds Group tours — done right! I know I know. The idea of a “group tour” makes you think of old people in weird sun protective hats shuffling from one tourist trap to another. Or perhaps it brings up decidedly unglamorous mental pictures of...

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On being a Nerd

I am a nerd. I am very very proud of being a part of such a vibrant, exciting, intelligent, awesome community of lovely, funny people. I have had the great good fortune of traveling all over the world signing autographs, speaking in large halls and tiny pubs, meeting...

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Luck and Leaps

by Patricia Tallman I’m in tears. I leave for Africa in two days. I cannot believe this is my life. I have been asking my higher power to help me to find my way to a point like this. A place where I am overcome with gratitude that my life is the adventure of my...

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Accessing the Power of Gratitude

by Patricia Tallman I just wanted to crawl into a hole. If he said one more thing I was going to snap. Why can’t my son just do the one thing I asked him? I feel like such a bitch. Everything is so freaking hard. I realized I was back in that scary miserable place of...

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