P.A.T.s Epic Life Quest LIVE!

A new series of LIVE online classes with Patricia Tallman!

Picture yourself walking in the sunshine one day, in the near future, and realizing just how far you have come. You did it! You set intentions, made some decisions and followed through this time!

2018 has been a fantastic year. You feel energized, freer than you have in a decade, and full of hope and new confidence. YES! You did it! And you know how to do it again and KEEP doing for as long as you live. What a badass feeling.

YOU are the hero of your own life, and an inspiration to those around you.


And all it took was 5 insights.



In 5 classes, we will talk through and practice the five insights I have gained as a stuntwoman, an actor, a single mom, a flawed human being, a successful business woman,a survivor, a thriver, that are practical and deeply soulful insights you can use to make your life into the adventure of your dreams.


  • That feeling of dread and anxiety that you swim in on those many sleepless nights? What if you could banish them forever?
  • The struggle to find hope every morning that makes you tired before you even start your day? What if that lessened and then went away entirely?
  • The feeling that you are all alone with your sadness, worries and depression? What if you had a place where everyone cheered your name when you came through the portal?
  • That idea that this is the best it’s going to be and there isn’t any way to make it better? What if you began to see that not only can it get better, it already is?

I will talk with you live, through each of the insights, and we’ll practice them together. You can ask me questions on each of the live calls. The calls will be recorded for you to view as many times as you wish. If you cannot be live on the call, you will have it to watch and refer to whenever it’s good for you.


I’ll also answer questions in our private Life Quest LIVE! group.


Class One:

Fear and Courage: Developing the courage to push through fears that are holding you back.

You have everything you need right now! It just needs to be activated. Fear likes us to be safe and will hold us there, back in the cave and out of danger, BUT it also keeps us from real joy.

  • Fearlessness is a Big Fat Lie! Why we have to feel fear, and how we can use it as a guidepost instead of a stop sign.
  • What is holding you back? Is it actually fear?
  • How fear disguises itself, how to see through the mask, and shatter it’s grip.
  • Little, manageable steps to build momentum.
  • Bigger steps, as you gain courage from your incredible results.
  • Heroic steps, leaps of faith, and then you SOAR!

and much more!

Class Two

Attitude and Attraction

Are you stuck in a place that’s ok but not awesome? Or maybe not even ok! Do you want to unlock the next level to a great big life?

  • Having a better attitude– we all want to have a great attitude, so why don’t we?
  • The fury of men, the remoteness of the elves, the good cheer of Hobbits. We have them all. How to call on them for the best results.
  • The Truth about The Law Of Attraction and The Force.
  • How taking responsibility and radical honesty equals freedom.
  • Creating a culture of peace in your home, work and world.
  • How Hope is your superpower!

….and yes, so much more!

Class Three

Visualize and Release

This could be the biggest key to your success and happiness right here!

  • The freedom behind letting go. Boundaries and Whose business is it?
  • Using the Force. Let Yoda encourage you. Be like Luke.
  • Seeing the future. The Vulcan technique of mind melding.
  • Letting go can Make It So! See the miracles happen.
  • Sweet relief. You do not have to do it all. Ah it feels so good!
  • How letting go allows in the best possible result.

….there is not enough room here for all the awesomeness!

Class Four

Your Brilliant Body

Ever feel like you are bigger on the inside? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong in your body? We’ll talk about how you can co create a fantastic life in your body by melding the wisdom of your physical, metal and soulful self. Unlocking a new level!

  • The Body is smarter and faster than the brain! Together, unstoppable.
  • Caring for your Tardis. Easy health tips for achieving your goal!
  • How do we listen to it’s wisdom? Tuning in and calibrating the compass of your self.
  • What magic can your body unlock for you? Divining rods, wands or staffs?
  • The amazing force that lives inside us that most people never fully use.
  • How to turn your senses into a Super Power! It’s simpler than you think.

….and, you guessed it, much much more!

Class Five

Community turbocharges your success

When it’s good it’s amazing but when we struggle with others it’s just the worst. Let’s find you a great big group of love and support. Not only here in the class but in your world. We can make this happen!

  • People, Oi! But oh the fantastic fun of a troop of like-minded Life Questers (we all get the the inside jokes!)
  • How to find a safe place.
  • The power of giving, gratitude and boundaries.
  • The supernova energy of a group, and how you can have it too.
  • Notice when we resist, get judgmental and how to use it to get closer.
  • What is my fear of people telling me, and why don’t I want to heal it?

…. and we’ll be here for you til you don’t need us anymore and can fly on your own!


BONUS CLASS- for those who buy the 5 class package:

I’ll admit it, one of my favorite topics. This will be a safe place to talk about your questions concerning one of the most important human energies we have.

Sex and Love

  • Nerds have great sex. Make it so!
  • Getting ready to have sex. What does it take?
  • Sex as a communication tool.
  • Can sex be fun and free ? What are the rules?
  • I don’t feel sexy, how can I have great sex?
  • I’m in a long term relationship, how can I have better sex with my partner?
  • What’s too kinky?
  • Letting your body lead you, and free you.    

…….can there even be any more? YES!

$57 per class or buy 4 and get 6! ( $228)- paid in full before the first class on Jan 27th.

FREE BONUS CLASS for those who buy the 5 class package: SEX and Nerds!

(Single class payment buttons below!)

  • Recordings of each class will be made available for those who cannot make it LIVE.
  • Q & A at the end of each class.
  • PRIVATE new Facebook Group just for this class, for ongoing discussion, support, resources and questions.
  • We will post, and email, the Zoom link before each class.
  • After the class, within 48 hours, we will post the password protected recording of the class on Vimeo.

No refunds

Class time: 10am PST ( Los Angeles) and we can make a slight adjustment depending on the members of the class. The class is 2 hours.

Class Dates:

Jan 27th- Fear and Courage

Feb 3rd- Attitude and Attraction

Feb 10-Visualize and Release

(Pat in India)

March 10-Your Brilliant Body

March 17-Community turbocharges your success

March 24- Sex and Nerds


To pay:

Click on paypal link, and choose your classes.


Upon payment, you will be admitted into the Facebook group.

Easy peasy!

Pat will be responding to questions in the Facebook Life Quest LIVE! Group.

Buy the whole Package! Pay for 4 classes, get 6! $228 USD

Single class payment options:

Buy any Single class $57usd: ( designate which class in the NOTES in Paypal. The Sex and Nerds class is ONLY available in the series, and is NOT an option.)



Buy any Two Classes  $114.00 usd: ( designate which classes in the NOTES in Paypal. The Sex and Nerds class is ONLY available in the series, and is NOT an option.)



Buy any Three Classes $171.00 usd: ( designate which classes in the NOTES in Paypal. The Sex and Nerds class is ONLY available in the series, and is NOT an option.)


Q- What if I cannot make the first class, or any of the other classes?

A- You’ll get the full video of the class and any worksheets for resources, plus you’ll be in the Facebook group so you won’t miss a thing!

Q-If I buy one class, and decide I want to get the others, can I pay the balance of the $228?

A-No, sorry, but you can still buy the other 4 classes for a very affordable $57each.


Q-If I decide later I want to buy all the classes for $57 each, may I still get the BONUS class on Sex?

A- No I am sorry the bonus class is for those who buy the package deal special before the first class. So just buy the class series for the fantastic price of $228! That’s $38 a class!

You can email us with a question!

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